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« How the hell did this happen? »

mai 1, 2010




Ensconced in her seat, Gloria kept asking herself the same redundant question…

It seemed not long ago that she had good friends, a loving family and dreams to hold on to. Her life had been easy once, made of happy late breakfasts on Sunday Mornings and annual vacation to her favorite sea spot in Italy. She was a brilliant kid at the time… Raised alongside to her little brother by talented artistic divorced parents, she had successfully graduated from one of the most boho-hype school of Paris. There she had met her closest friends, Bridge and Lizzie, as well as a bunch a guys who were all soon-to-be wannabe stars of the Parisian new rock wave. She had more or less secretly fallen in love with several of them, and notably one that she liked to believe resembled the singer of her favorite band: the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This kid, that she didn’t even remember the name now, was her first true but platonic love. She somehow had had the chance to taste his lips once, but only for a split second before he withdrew this sweet privilege from her forever. Fortunately for Gloria, on the way to graduation Anthony Kiedis turned into Wes Anderson and her love for rock’n’roll let place for a new fancy of dark rooms with pop corn smell and glamorous actors, where she met new guys who aspired to be movie directors this time…

She used to love this life. Yet, there she was, sitting in a low cost airplane, her eyes still filled with the blur that had crossed her way.

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  1. mai 1, 2010 4:43

    Pas mal… Joli même. J'approuve. Quelle littérature. I'm impressed like OH MY GOD. Because I speak english too, I can definitely tell that THIS is THE shit!Have u ever considered being published? But maybe u should start looking for another name – cuz "Boulet" isn't the sexiest thing – u should go for Samantha Cox, and what about singing too? I'm sure u'd fine great, poetic and fabulous lyrics for ur songs.If Susan Boyle can sing, you can do it too! Keep up girl! you're on the right track!

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